PATHS In Bible Chapters

Genesis 2
Theme: The Thoughts Of His Heart
Key Text: Verse 3


            It is one thing to hear about or read of a great personality. It is quite another experience to meet that renown figure and learn how he or she thinks and feels. In the first chapter of the Bible, we read of God’s awesome power and might in creation. But, now, in the second division, we are introduced to how He thinks and feels about that creation! We have unveiled what the Psalmist calls, “the thoughts of His heart” (Psa. 33:11).


1. His Thoughts About Holiness

            With the creative works “finished,” (2:1) suggesting completion or perfection, the seventh day became a special day. Not only are we informed that God “rested” (2:2), signifying cessation of labor, not fatigue, but also He “blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it” (3:3). The word “sanctified” relates to holiness, and intimates that God set this day apart from the other six and gave it a higher significance. He marked it off as His own particular possession! This first mention of holiness reveals the heart of Him “Whose Name is Holy” (Isa. 57:15), and becomes a pattern in the holy relationship He establishes.


2. His Thoughts About Happiness

            There can be no true happiness at the expense of holiness!  The two truths are inseparable. But, with God, holiness comes first! Then happiness is established! And, what a perfect environment the Creator provided for the happiness of Adam and Eve. He filled the earth, the air, and the water with food to enjoy, and then furnished the special garden (see 2:8) with the most delightful and pleasant provisions. This beautiful and healthy atmosphere was for man’s highest good and wellbeing, a reminder that our God desires the best for His special people.


3. His Thoughts About Home

            The home was divinely ordained! It was constituted and instituted by God Himself! Knowing it wasn’t good for man to be alone, the Lord said, “I will make him a help meet for him” (2:18). And, forming her from Adam’s rib, He “brought her unto the man” (2:22). Certainly, this union was for the propagation of the human family. But, like two beautiful flowers in the Garden of Eden, the first couple also experienced the development of love and companionship. The truth was established– “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge” (Heb.13:4).



            Suppose a bucket of sand has many shavings of iron mingled in it. Anyone’s attempt to locate the iron pieces would be futile. However, by taking a magnet and sweeping through the sand, one can instantly locate and extract the foreign fragments. Similarly, for you and me to know what is best for us in the sands of time is impossible. But, with the magnet of His infinite wisdom, our Creator can reveal His best for us.