PATHS In Bible Chapters

Amos 1
Theme: The Lion King
Key Text: Verse 2

            The prophecy of Amos is thought to be the first written prophecy of biblical literature. The book is numbered among the twelve prophecies usually known as “The Minor Prophets.” Of course, they are called minor, not because they are less significant, but because the prophecies are shorter. Amos, then, might be referred to as a minor prophecy with a major emphasis. For, without question, throughout the book, the prophet’s theme is: the righteous God, or the God of righteousness. In this first division, with the mighty authority of a lion, He is revealed as the King of righteousness.

1. The Roar Of The Lion

            The writer humbly introduces himself as “Amos, who was among the herdmen of Tekoa” (1:1). The name “Amos” means “burden,” or, as some translate it, “burden-bearer,” and could represent the heaviness of his ministry. The reference to “Tekoa,” a small village six miles south of Bethlehem, indicates he was a Judean, a resident of the southern kingdom. In the beginning, he not only speaks of a coming “earthquake” (1:1), but promises that “The Lord will roar from Zion, and utter His voice from Jerusalem” (1:2). Since a lion roars before it springs, this is a most becoming introduction to a prophecy of doom.

2. The Rounds Of The Lion

            As an animal has its rounds, and makes its presence known at each territorial checkpoint, so our God makes His presence known among the nations surrounding Israel. Amos tracks Him northeast of Israel where He will pounce upon the Syrian Kingdom and “the transgressions of Damascus” (1:3), its capitol. Then, He is seen in the southwest where “the remnant of the Philistines shall perish” (1:8). Next, He paces north again to “Tyrus” (1:9), or Tyre, the land of the Phonecians, and then southeast to “Edom” (1:11). His last round, at least in this chapter, is north to “Ammon” to rip those who have “ripped up the women with child” (1:13).

3. The Reign Of The Lion

            The Lion has roared in the earth! He has made His rounds throughout His domain. There are other rivals that must be confronted with His Kingship. There are other enemies that will be subdued by His awesome power! It is evident that “the kingdoms of this world” will become “the kingdoms . . . of His Christ” (Rev. 11:15). And, as this division is completed, the Lion stands as the Monarch of the nations. He reigns supreme, and “in His times He shall show who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords” (1 Tim. 6:15).


            Having heard different ones mention the movie for children, “The Lion King,” I was interested in what it was about. The basic story involves an evil member of the lion family, plotting to keep another lion from becoming the rightful head of the kingdom. However, in the end, the rejected lion returns to put down his long rival and enemy, and becomes “The Lion King.” Forgive my preacherly application, but I could not help but think of the righteous God Who, in the end, will prevail as “The Lion King” of the nations. May we give Him His rightful place in our lives, now!