Text Sorted List

Old Testament


Ge. 5:24, 6:9 Walking With God
Ge. 12:1 Called From - Called To
Ge. 17:1 Walking Before God
Ge. 22:1 Availability To God
Ge. 22:11 Abraham, Abraham
Ge. 32:24 Left Alone
Ge. 41:49 Putting Back Corn
Ge. 46:2 Jacob, Jacob


Ex. 3:4 Moses, Moses
Ex. 25:40 Heaven On Earth
Exodus 27:1, 2 The Altar In The Outer Court
Ex. 27:9 Coming Into His Courts
Ex. 27:16 The Colorful Entrance
Ex. 30:18 The Laver - The Way Of Cleansing
Exodus 31:9 The Altar and the Laver
Exodus 38:8 The Laver and More
Exodus 38:17 The Altar Of Burnt Offering
Ex. 38:9 The White Linen Curtain-Wall
Ex. 38:17 Beneath The Curtain-Wall
Ex. 38:18 The Exclusive Gate


Le. 4:30, 34 & 5:9 The Blood Of The Altar
Le. 25:49 Our Kinsman Redeemer


Leviticus 4:30, 34 & 5:9The Blood Of The Altar
De. 13:4 Walking After God
De. 5:33 Walking In All His Ways


I Sa. 1:20 Light Of Motherhood
I Sa. 3:9 A New Coat
I Sa. 3:10 Samuel, Samuel


Ne. 7:1 Walking In The Fear Of God


Ps. 14:1 No God For Me
Ps. 16:10 Preview Of Christ's Resurrection
Ps. 22:16 Christ's Pierced Hands.pdf
Ps. 23:4 Walking Through The Valley
Ps. 34:15 Our Eagle Like God
Ps.42:1 Pant After God
Ps. 84:11 Walking Uprightly
Ps. 85:6 Revive Us Again
Ps. 106:21 Spiritual Memory Loss
Ps. 119:118 The New Year
Ps. 138:7 Walking In The Midst Of Trouble


Is. 64:7 The Cry Of Intercession


Ez. 36:27 Walking In His Statutes


Ho. 5:15 Hide And Seek


Mi. 5:2 The Bethlehem Definition
Mi. 5:2 The Bethlehem Description
Mi. 5:2 The Bethlehem Declaration
Mi. 6:8 Walking Humbly With God


Ma. 4:2 The End Of The Chapter

New Testament


Mt. 1:1 The Beginning Of Another Chapter
Mt. 8:16 Demoniac Activity
Mt. 26:11 All These Sayings
Mt. 27:46 The Fourth Saying
Mt. 28:6 Treasures From The Tomb


Lk. 1:37 A Spirit Filled Father
Lk. 1:60 A Mother Who Could Say No
Lk. 2:7 The Way In The Manger
Lk. 7:47 Loving Jesus
Lk. 8:18 Uncover My Ears, I Can't Breathe!
Lk. 10:30 Woeful Stewardship
Lk. 10:31 Wrong Stewardship
Lk. 10:33 Wise Stewardship
Lk. 8:3 Martha,Martha
Lk. 17:16 Don't Forget To Give Thanks
Lk. 18:1 Praying Always & Fainting Not
Lk. 22:31 Simon, Simon
Lk. 23:33, 34 The Pulpit Of The Cross
Lk. 23:34 The First Saying
Lk. 23:43 The Second Saying
Lk. 23:46 The Seventh Saying


Jn. 1:4 Walking In Truth
Jn. 1:6 Walking After His Commandments
Jn. 1:14 A Special Type Of Christ
Jn. 1:38 The Curiousity That Leads To Faith
Jn. 3:6 Flesh And Spirit
Jn. 5:4 Troubled Waters
Jn. 6:35 I Am The Bread Of Life
Jn. 8:12 I Am The Light Of The World
Jn. 10:1 I Am The Good Shepherd
Jn. 10:9 I Am The Door
Jn. 11:33, 35 Our Genuine Friend
Jn. 11:35 I Am The Resurrection
Jn. 14:6 I Am The Way The Truth & The Life
Jn. 15:5 I Am The Vine
Jn. 19:26, 27 The Third Saying
Jn. 19:28 The Fifth Saying
Jn. 19:30 The Sixth Saying
Jn. 21:2 Divine Visitation


Acts 1:3 The Pulpit Of The Empty Tomb
Acts 9:4 Saul, Saul


Rm. 1:28 Reprobation
Rm. 3:23 Free Salvation
Rm. 4:12 Walking In Steps Of Faith
Rm. 6:3 Christian Victory "Know"
Rm. 6:4 Walking In Newness Of Life
Rm. 6:11 Christian Victory "Reckon"
Rm. 6:13 Christian Victory "Yield"
Rm. 8:1 Walking After The Spirit
Rm. 8:32 No Strings Attached
Rm. 13:13 Walking Honestly
Rm. 15:4 For Our Instruction


ICr. 10:13 Common Factors
IICr. 4:1 Receiving Mercy & Fainting Not
IICr. 4:16 Inward Renewal & Fainting Not
IICr. 5:7 Walking By Faith


Ga. 3:28 The Big Level
Ga. 5:16 Walking In The Spirit
Ga. 6:9 Reaping Harvests & Fainting Not


Ep. 2:10 Walking In Good Works
Ep. 3:20 Above All That We Can Imagine
Ep. 4:1 Walking Worthy Of Our Calling
Ep. 4:17 Walking Differently
Ep. 5:2 Walking In Love
Ep. 5:15 Walking Circumspectly
Ep. 5:18 Divine Intoxication, The Summons
Ep. 5:18 Divine Intoxication, The Similarities
Ep. 5:18 Divine Intoxication, The Scope
Ep. 6:11 Standing Against The Devil
Ep. 6:11 The Armor Of God
Ep. 6:13 The Girdle Of Truth
Ep. 6:14 The Breastplate Of Righteousness
Ep. 6:15 The Shoes Of The Gospel Of Peace
Ep. 6:16 The Shield Of Faith
Ep. 6:17 The Helmet Of Salvation
Ep. 6:17 The Sword Of The Spirit
Ep. 6:18 The "All's" Of Prayer


Ph. 1:21 Facing Death
Ph. 2:9, 11 The Inclusive Truth
Ph. 2:22 Spiritual Osmosis
Ph. 3:16 Walking By The Same Rule


Co. 2:6, 7 Walking In Him
Co. 2:7 Growing Like A Tree
Co. 4:5 Walking In Wisdom


ITh. 4:1 Walking To Please God


ITi. 1:15 Jesus Saves
IITi. 3:2 Ingratitude


He. 9:14 The Ultimate Offering
He. 9:16, 17 The Reading Of The Will


Ja. 1:5 Playing With Sin


IPe. 1:3 May God Be Thanked
IPe. 1:7 Fiery Trials
IPe. 1:7 Precious Trials
IPe. 1:19 Precious Blood
IPe 2:4, 6, 7 Precious Jesus
IPe. 2:10 The People Of God
IIPe. 1:1 Precious Faith
IIPe. 1:4 Precious Promises


IJn. 1:7 Walking In The Light
IJn. 2:6 Walking As He Walked


Ju. 18, 19 Having Not The Spirit
Ju. 25 Jesus, Only Savior For Sinners
Ju. 25 Jesus, Only Savior For Christians
Ju. 25 Jesus, Only Savior For Eternity


Re. 3:4 Walking In White